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ARE YOU PRACTICING SAFE STRESS? Or How To Stop Freaking Out and Start Living

Did you know there are over 728 billion pieces of information on the internet about STRESS? 

Many of us know so much about WHAT we can do to keep our stress in check and HOW to do it, yet many of us do very little to make a positive change.

This presentation helps employees understand what's stopping them from moving forward and encourages them to take action to manage their life experiences with resilience and motivated discipline to create THE BEST LIFE for themselves at work at home. 

I answer the question: "Why am I still so freakin' freaked out?" and offer employees practical guidance as to what they can do about it.

• No punches are pulled
• Startling facts are revealed
• Human behaviour is discussed
• Life-changing decisions are made

In addition to my educational presentation/workshop, employees are entertained by my alter-ego Lana Miranda, The Ukulele Lady who makes an appearance to shed laughter and light on the perfection of imperfection. Her musical story of how "taking down the walls of perfection" and "just going for it" changed her life encourages others to do the same. Lana Miranda is proof positive that Practicing Safe Stress is possible! 

              Stop FREAKING OUT and START LIVING your life! I can show you how to PRACTICE SAFE STRESS!

              Stop FREAKING OUT and START LIVING your life! I can show you how to PRACTICE SAFE STRESS!

Create a Workday You Love!

You spend eight hours a day at work. That means you spend more time during the weekday with your fellow employees than you do with your loved ones at home!

What if the workplace was a place you always looked forward to going to because you positively connect with the people, feel a sense of accomplishment in what you contribute every day, and feel in control of your life and career?

These days stress makes it challenging to stay focused and calm in time of chaos and, let's face it, we forget to laugh.

I combines proven stress management techniques with music and large doses of laughter to help create and foster civility and sanity in your high demand world.

Learn how to protect yourself, your professional standards and your career.

In this session you will:

  • Learn simple tools on how to harness negative thinking patterns.
  • Embrace strategies to better manage stress.
  • Discover techniques to assess and tame emotions during times of change and chaos.
  • Find ways to better connect and communicate with your colleagues.
  • Learn how to use music and laughter to enhance relaxation. 

Join in the learning and laughter!

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There is something we CAN do!

Welcome to Personality Dimensions® - A New Way to Understand Ourselves and Others

Personality Dimensions® is a temperament instrument developed in Canada and backed by empirically sound research. This workshop is a self-discovery process in which participants learn through discussion and sharing.

Participants gain an understanding of personality types/preferences that positively impacts their interactions with co-workers and ultimately leads to a better bottom line for their employers.

Key learnings from this session include:

  • New respect for individual differences.
  • Techniques to draw upon other personality aspects when dealing with a situation not suited to individual style. 
  • Enhanced connection and communication with colleagues.

I am a certified Personality Dimensions® Workshop Facilitator.

Are You Scaring Your Customers/Colleagues Away? 

Do you feel your patience wearing thin? Are your professional and personal standards impacted by high demands on your time? If you answered "yes" to either of these questions, you may be standing in the way of our own success! When we lack the proper tools for overcoming negativity, mental blocks and stress, we paralyze ourselves from moving towards our personal and career goals.

Protect yourself, your professional standards and your career!

This session will foster civility, stability and sanity in a world of high demands on your time, energy and resources.

I will show you how to:

  • Harness negative thinking patterns.
  • Regulate the stress response, assess, and tame emotions.
  • Cue the mind for relaxation through my "Triple A" formula.

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The Communication Challenge: What’s Your Score?

Fewer resources, demanding clients, confrontational colleagues, uncertainty and overwhelming expectations are just a few of the challenging realities in today’s workplace. Your communication skills, especially listening, could help you cope with and manage these workplace roadblocks!

In this seminar we will rate your communication score and re-boot your listening skills with a five step process that will change your life experience at work (and at home, too!) 

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Pin Drop Leadership

This one hour seminar challenges the fundamental role of leadership affirming that the very essence of leadership is not about’s about listening.

Where do your skills rank on the listening scale?

Can you hear a "pin drop" in the midst of all the noise around you?

In this seminar we will challenge your listening skills and bring awareness to the roadblocks that could be preventing you from resolving most problems with clarity and confidence.

Participants will leave with a five step process to effective listening mastery that, when applied, will change your work and life experience.

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Forget Your Troubles – Come On – Get Happy
with Lana and her alter-ego,The Ukulele Lady!

Play tactics to crush the chaos and stress of your workday

When we were kids, laughter came easy, creativity was in abundance, stress was non-existent, and we weren’t afraid to be silly. As busy adults, we often forget to have fun and lighten up. Which is too bad, because fun reduces stress!

As part of this interactive workshop you'll be transported to a world of care-free relaxation as you sing, laugh, draw, breathe, and dance your way to your happy place.

In this session you will:

  • Discover the stress-relieving power of humour and how to create it in abundance.
  • Understand the joy of music and how you can use it to reprogram your daily life experience.
  • Learn the importance of creativity and the benefits of being in “flow”.
  • Embrace the brilliance of imperfection: reconnecting with your inner self and just going for it!
  • Experience the laugh-out-loud musical stylings of The Ukulele Lady  (not to be missed).

Leave your inhibitions at the door as you discover how you can forget your troubles, crush the chaos and create a better day.


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Retire to the Life You Design© 

No doubt about it, retirement is a MAJOR change in life that can cause a lot of stress if you're not prepared. Most of us have tackled a financial plan, but an equally important -- yet often ignored -- aspect of retirement is a psychological plan to ease the transition into this new time of life.

Retire to the Life You Design© guides you through a personal process that will help you design your retirement with a blend of activities that keep you physically active, mentally challenged, emotionally charged, and socially engaged.


This workshop will help you gain an understanding of how you can psychologically prepare for this major change in your life by:

  • Defining the "new" retirement.
  • Examining the benefits of preparation and planning.
  • Understanding and preparing for the transition process.
  • Identifying your priorities and values.
  • Exploring meaningful and purposeful activities and interests in your new life.
  • Planning your professional and personal legacy.
  • Making your own rules: Developing a clear vision of your first important steps.

Let me show you how to "Rock the Golden Years!" and design a UNIQUE, FULFILLING and MEANINGFUL life in retirement!

I am a Licensed Facilitator with Retire to the Life You Design©.

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