The Ukulele Lady

Photo courtesy of  Ortega Photography .

Photo courtesy of Ortega Photography.


When the Ukulele Lady shows up at your event, your people will smile, gasp and forget their worries!! She then welcomes them to join her in singing and letting their playful, silly sides out.

She is the epitome of perfect imperfection. Her unique talents as a musician, singer, songwriter and dancer will shake up and bring laughter to your event. Audiences see that making mistakes are not tragic but can be playfully used to learn and grow. Lana weaves compelling stories throughout her presentation resulting in audiences making immediate and positive changes in their lives. 

Much to the surprise and delight of her audiences, she models the magic of laughing at yourself. You'll hear her say: "My pick, and I'm not talking about my nose"; "I just learned two new chords; F and G!", and many other gems. 

Here's what audience members have to say after seeing her show: 

"I went out and bought a ukulele right after I saw you."

"I'm going to get back to playing my piano."

"I've been 'nose to the grindstone' for so long, I forgot what I really loved."

"I used to love singing - I'm going to join a choir."