Create a Workday You Love


You spend eight hours a day at work. That means you spend more time during the weekday with your fellow employees than you do with your loved ones at home!

What if the workplace was a place you always looked forward to going to because you positively connect with the people, feel a sense of accomplishment in what you contribute every day and feel in control of your life and career?

These days stress makes it challenging to stay focused, stay calm in time of chaos and lets face it, we forget to laugh.

Lana combines proven stress management techniques with music and large doses of laughter to help create and foster civility and sanity in your high demand world.

Learn how to protect yourself, your professional standards and your career.

In this session you will:

  • lealrn simple tools on how to harness negative thinking patterns
  • embrance strategies to better manage stress
  • discover techniques to assess and tame emotions during times of change and chaos
  • find ways to better connect and communicate with your colleagues
  • learn how to use music and laughter to enhance relaxation 

Join in the learning and laughter!