Stress and Resilience expert Lana Bullough is passionate about teaching 'Safe Stress', creativity and healthy relationships to individuals and organizations craving more fun and productivity in the workplace.

She is an award winning speaker, trainer, educator and musician who combines all of these skills in unique and inspirational ways. She holds a Bachelor's Degree majoring in Sociology, with 20 years experience career counselling young adults. Through those years of helping others discover their passions, she developed innovative programs and strategies that will help you foster 'safe stress' and resilience in a high-demand world.

Today, Lana delivers engaging, humorous presentations on positivity, creativity and healthy relationships. Through keynotes, workshops, and the laugh-out-loud musical stylings of her alter-ego , The Ukulele Lady, she uses her expertise and infectious energy to transform the attitudes and mindsets of every audience she meets.

Lana is a Certified Personality Dimensions Facilitator.

Lana is a Licensed Facilitator with Retire to the Life You Design.

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